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Aberdares, the Place

Find information here on Aberdares location, peaks, Aberdares attractions, waterfalls of Aberdares (Chania Falls, Karuru Falls, Maguru Falls etc), Aberdares Safaris (Climbing Aberdares, trekking aberdares, Aberdares foot walk, Aberdares horse riding, Aberdares wildlife safaris),  the animals of Aberdares and accommodation in Aberdares (Hotels, Lodges, and campsites)

Aberdares ranges are Kenya's third highest ranges streching thousands of kilometers. A visit to the Aberdares is an adventure in a cool mountain region, off the hustle and bustle of overflowing visitors in other Kenya's busy parks. The thick salient forests, beautiful water falls and prolific game is a distinguishing aspect of this area as a desirable destination. These high altitude forests are broken by moorlands and plains, and through the abundant tree cover there are sensational views of the Rift Valley and the peak of Mt Kenya.

A visit to the Aberdares is scenic adventure worth a million words & your dimes; notwithstanding the remarkable and endless possibilities of a self or guided exploration by way of the established trekking trails (with armed ranger). Truly, Aberdares and its inherent resources present the discerning traveler with one of the best forest trek and bush adventures. Imagine the deep forested ravines that cut through the mountain region filling the vales with magical spray and the views from clouded heights!

Why Visit?

  • Raw bush lover in a cool mountainous setting, close game viewing accompanied by an armed game ranger
  • For trek lovers. Revitalize yourself physically and mentally or otherwise as you unwind in the middle of the massive greenery of an African jungle. Several key trails / routes to ascend the Kenya's highest ranges from different strategic points because the Aberdares stretch thousands of kilometers; the Kiandongo route through Nyeri, Central Kenya's administrative distrcit, Ruhuru-ini via Mweiga, small town past Nyeri, Treetops route from the famed Treetop Hotel, Wandare Route from Laikipia's Shamata area and Mutobio Route from Naivasha, one the Great Rift Valley Towns. Click to view detailed itineraries & rates.
  • Missing your horse? Explore the aberdares on a horse back.
  • Fishing for the best and tasty trout in crystal clear streams of the Aberdares
  • Dip yourself in very cold crystal waters under the magical spray of the numerous beautiful Aberdares' water falls
  • Interested in a wildlife safari - Aberdares are very rich in big game. Large herds of buffalo and elephant are often seen, especially at the Salt Licks and waterholes of the Forest Lodges. Other common animals include the leopard, rhino, giant warthog, the beautiful bongo antelope (an endemic world species with most of the few remaining found in Kenya), and colobus monkeys.
  • Keen birder? Aberdares are very popular with birders. At least 200 species have been recorded, including African Green Ibis, African Cuckoo Hawk, Cape Eagle Owl, Mountain Buzzard and Hartlaub’s Turaco. Rare species include the Scarlet tufted Sunbird, long tailed Widowbird, African grass owl and the Aberdare Cisticola on the moorlands, even geese!
  • A rewarding scenic adventure following the well marked trail and observation at the beautiful Karuru Falls. From this high vantage there are also excellent views of the entire range and the distant Gura Falls. The famous Thompsons' Falls are also a part of the Aberdares. Use the built wooden walkways across Chania Falls. How about the stunning views of the Great Rift Valley (Lake Naivasha & the Mau Escarpment) and the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya?
  • Fancy accommodation and African hospitality in classic wildlife lodges? The Ark and the Treetops and architectural wonders in the African jungle. Built high above waterholes and salt-licks, your guarantee for close wildlife viewing couldnt be better.
  • Mountain biking: Watch the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife as you ride on your 2-wheel. The high altitudes summiting at 4000m is ideal to spice your Aberdares' itinerary. At 4,000 meters (13,120 feet), Oldoinyo le Satima is the mountain range's highest peak, followed by the Kinangop (3,906m) and Kipipiri (3,350m) peaks. While these pale when compared to Batian, Mount Kenya's highest peak which stands 5,199m (7,057 ft) tall, they still all make for a worthy climb.

Accommodation in Aberdares

The Aberdares Country Club

Aberdare Country Club is a two-hour drive from Nairobi. The club nestles on the slopes of Mweiga Hill. The club is a popular weekend resort for Nairobi residents. The Club's 1300-acre wildlife sanctuary abounds with Thompson and Grant's gazelles, zebras, giraffes and the more reclusive leopards. It is a haven of unhurried charm set in a garden bursting with profusion of color, with peacocks stalking the green lush lawns

The Ark

Set in the heart of the Aberdares National Park, The Ark Game Lodge overlooks a floodlit waterhole and salt lick which attracts a host of awesome wildlife such as elephant, rhino, leopard, bushbuck and occasionally an elusive bongo or giant forest hog.

Resembling and named after Noah's Ark, The Ark comprises of three decks from which numerous balconies and lounges provide superb advantage for game viewing. A ground level bunker provides excellent photographic opportunities and takes you closer to the animals.

The Treetops Lodge

The Treetops overlooks two waterholes and a salt lick, both of which attract a great variety of animals. On clear days you can even see the snowy peaks of Mount Kenya. The lodge boasts two photographic hides at ground level - a great way to get up close shots of unsuspecting rhinos, elephants, bucks or even lions. It has 4 decks and a rooftop-viewing platform.

Treetops Lodge is also famous for its historical royal connection. One afternoon in February of 1952, a young English girl climbed the fig tree as a Princess.  The following morning, she descended as Queen Elizabeth II - her father, King George VI, had died in the night.

The Waterfalls of Aberdares

Aberdares is a cool mountain range are stretching thousand of kilometres and is famous for its massive greenery, crystal clear streams and scenic waterfalls. Featured in the movie "Out of Africa" starring Meryl Streep & Robert Redford are the Gura and Karuru waterfalls.

Among the main waterfalls found in the area the said Gura, Karuru, and now, the Chania Falls. Gura is indeed the most precipitous in Kenya, cascading some 300m downstream into some impenetrable ravine. Karuru Falls, which spectacularly falls into three awesome stages or steps, and the Chania Falls. Viewing platforms allow photography and there are walking and hiking trails to the most adventurous wildlife viewing, scenic and hiking destination in East Africa.