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Introduction to Africa Safari Holidays

An Africa Safari Holiday is an offer to a bush adventure to explore the rich wildlife that Africa is endowed with. The word Safari means "to journey" from the African language of Swahili. Through the years it has become synonymous with experiencing Africa, its wildlife, nature and people.

Kenya is home to the authentic Africa safari holiday and our highly dedicated team is experienced and indeed travels to these countries and its wildlife reserves, resorts, and interesting destinations frequently, keeping abreast of not only the accommodation, culinary treats, but also the wildlife in the region; so that if your particular interest is in specific animals, they ensure that the challenge is met by suggestions on the most suitable places to tour. If you are a large group with complex needs, simply tell us what these are and rest assured of a fruitful discourse.

Nothing beats the idea of being far away from home in an open vehicle tracking a pride of lions on hunt, walking across the great Masai Mara at dawn, enjoying 3600 panorama of Africa's great savannahs in a hot air ballon, camping among the wild scents and tunes of the African wilderness, and a pool dip in the 'middle-of-nowhere'. So, when you are faced with so many options and ideas, trust our experience to settle your nerves for a great Africa vacation at an unbeatable price.

At Tropical Breeze Safaris, we have attempted to classify an African Safari in types or safari themes, although options to customize your own still exists. These safari types or travel themes are generally guides to help you experience Africa deeply, consciously and satisfactorily. Kindly explore our own ideas of an Africa safari adventure. Tropical Breeze Safaris does offer unbeatable offers for Kenya Safari holidays, Tanzania safaris, Uganda safaris, Rwanda safaris and overlanding tours covering all countries in one 'great life-time' unforgettable experience.

5 Great Reasons

  1. Cheaper than the rest of the other world's destinations
  2. Tropical Wildlife spectacles unparalled
  3. Greater combinations of holiday types
  4. Very unique and rich cultures
  5. Authentic Wildernesses and paradises